Brief history

The first Max Carp Fishing food Machine is born from Max’s passion for fishing and for the necessity to reduce the time for the construction of baits , in 1996 he builds the car for personal use .


La mia prima Boilies Machine

All of Max Carp Fishing machines are suitable both for fishing baits and, on request, also for human nutrition.

NEW – BIG FAST ROLLER Dooble Rolling System

Double system of taxiing obtained through P.L. C is as if using a Board Manual taxiways, this system allows through 2 potentiometers to adjust the hike and the roller speed at will to get the balls perfectly spherical and tablets with big diameters beyond the 30 mm because you multiply the base by sliding the dough .

Big Fast Roller – Speed test

This machine makes chocolate and can withstand 200kg of product per hour. Perfect for food and construction of baits for fishing and other uses.

Big Fast Roller plus Fast Boiles Gun

An example of the manufacturing process of the complete kit (in this case flours), from mixing to extrusion and rolling.