Terms of sale

Sale’s conditions to order any Max-Carpfishing product.

For orders over (1,500 €) (five thousand hundred Euro), you must pay a deposit equal to 30% of the total order value.

The remaining 70% will be paid when the goods are ready for shipment.

Max-Carpfishing undertakes to fulfill the order from a minimum of 15 (fifteen) days to a maximum of 30 (thirty) business days from receipt of the order, accompanied by the deposit, the order will be valid from the date of crediting of transfer.

The start  of the construction of the machine will be made on receipt of the order with the payment of the deposit, with this, the customer accepts the conditions of sale and warranty and

the order is irrevocable.

The cancellation of the order involves the total loss of the deposit.


Foreign firms, before making the purchase, must ensure that they have the (VIES) valid, whether they don’t have it, just request it from your accountant, the request is Free, and it is useful in order to not pay the tax as decree (Art.41 DL331 / 93).